Saturday, 8 February 2014

Favourites #5

Hi guys! I've been trying soooo many new products recently as I got some for my birthday, Christmas, sales ect etc, so be expecting lots of favourites!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical
Bastiste do the best dry shampoos, the large bottle costs about £5 which is a bargain. There are so many different scents for various types of hair. It will fix any greasiness in your roots, or you can use it to add a bit of volume and texture and make your hair smell nice!

Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In It
I've never tried Soap and Glory skin care until I saw this on offer. I needed a new scrub and I thought why not? It's both a scrub and a mask that clears out clogged up pores. Your skin feels really fresh and clean afterwards without breaking out spot prone skin.

St Tropez Bronzing Spray
Although this is quite expensive at £20 a bottle, it's well worth it! You get about 20-30 uses out of it (depending on how much of your body you tan). It gives you a natural bronzed looking tan with no orangeness or streaks.

Fudge Urban Raspberry and Vanilla Styling Mouse
This was on sale at my local Superdrug for about £2.50 for this huge bottle. You apply it to damp, washed hair then style as normal for a bit of extra hold. It smells amazing and adds a bit more texture to your hair- a great alternative to hairspray!

Barry M Textured Nails Duchess
This new textured range from Barry M are probably my favourites. The shade I have, Duchess, is a beautiful pinky bronze glitter with sequins in. You only need one layer, as it is thick in consistency and is perfect if you're in a rush, but still want glittery nails.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Showy
I got SO excited when I saw the new matte formula had come to my local Boots. I love the original balm stain and I also love matte lips, so I knew this product would be perfect for me. The colour is a cool toned fushia/bubblegum pink and is very opaque upon application. It lasts for hours and hours, even when you're eating and drinking. What I love the most about this product is that it manages to be super matte without drying out your lips.

MAC Woodwinked and All That Glitters
It took me so long to justify spending £6 on the palette, then £10 on each eyeshadow, so I was overjoyed when I received my pallette for Christmas! The eyeshadows are well worth the money, they are so pigmented with minimal fall out and last all day on the lids. I want a colour for my eyebrows next. Do any of you have suggestions for me? :D

Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara
Although the wand is tiny compared to most mascaras, one or two coats of this and your lashes look miles long! This is one of the only mascaras that doesn't smudge on my oily eyelids so it's perfect on your lower lashes or to separate clumpy lashes :)

I would love to know what your favourites have been recently; so leave a comment down below! :)

Jess x


  1. I really want to try those Revlon colour balms, the colours look so nice X

  2. Hey nominated you for Liebster award link on my blog x