Friday, 4 April 2014

What's in my MAC quad?

I will start by apologising for not blogging for nearly 6 weeks! But my life has been SO hectic with trying to balance 6th form, work, driving and my pathetic excuse for a social life. My friend Alice from was in the same situation as me and she's inspired me to get out of my blogging rut, so make sure you go check out her blog! I'm sure you don't want to hear my rambling and excuses anymore, so let's crack on with the beauty talk! :)

(From L-R) Mystery, Retrospeck, Wookwinked, All That Glitters

So I've had my MAC quad since Christmas and I was debating between a MAC quad and the Naked 2 pallette for the longest time, but I ultimately decided that I don't wear a full on eyeshaow look on a daily basis, so I felt buying the naked pallette would be a waste, as I would only be wearing some of the colours. I'm so happy with the 4 colours I've chosen because I can do so many different looks with them and I know I will definitely get my money's worth!

This is my most recent purchase, it's a medium matte brown, not too ashy but not too warm toned so perfect for filling in your brows and using in your crease to add some definition and smoke out a simple eyeshadow look.

I adore this colour! It's a beautiful cool toned shimmery champagne. I either use this all over the lid when I really want to brighten up my eyes, or sometimes just in my tear duct or under my eyebrow to make my eyes look a bit bigger and more open.

Such a gorgeous shade; a slightly shimmery cool tones bronze. I use this on the outer third of my lid and sometimes smudge a little bit under my lower lashes to create an easy smokey look.

All That Glitters
This is such a unique colour, a slightly pinky golden champagne. I use this shade pretty much every day, just sweep it all over the lid and you look like you've put a bit of effort in without actually having to (my favourite kind of look).

I would 100% reccomend getting a MAC pallette because yes, they are expensive BUT there's millions (not literally) to choose from and they have a transparent lid, so you can see the colours easily and the quads are the perfect size for your makeup bag. The formulation is amazing, they're so creamy and pigmented and last all day on me without a base!

I have 4 other posts written up for the next few weeks so I'm going to aim to post at least once a week. I truly am sorry for not blogging, but sometimes life gets in the way. Make sure to let me know what shades you have in your palettes!

Jess x


  1. So beautiful colours! :)

  2. Im hopefully getting a MAC palette soon, the colours you have will most definitely be on my to buy list

  3. I have never tried Mystery or Retrospeck, but they have definitely moved up my list of ones to get!

  4. Beautiful colours I have my eye on all that glitters and wood winked I'm also after mystery and amber lights really want to start filling my pallet :) x

  5. That quad is perfection. I love neutral/bronzy colors. I have to create a "Jessica's Beauty Garden" inspired MAC quad ;)