About Me

After spending a lot more time than I would like to admit reading blogs and watching youtube videos by the likes of Tanya Burr, Anna Saccone, Vivianna Does Makeup etc etc, I decided to start my own blog because I think my friends got sick of my constant rambling about makeup, One Direction and various other things they have no interest in haha!

My dream is to study journalism in London (or marry Harry Styles) so hopefully this is just the start for me :) I am a bit behind on the whole 'technology bandwagon' so my blog still needs a bit of work but it's getting there!

I love writing this blog as one of my great loves in life is talking all things makeup, hair, nails, clothes, baking, One Direction, music and everything else girly and Jessica's Beauty Garden gives me the chance to do that and share it with you guys :D

The camera I use to take my pictures is Sony Cyber-shot Super Steady shot DSC-T70 and I edit most of my pictures with PicShop Lite :)

I am more than willing to give shoutouts/ review products/ write articles for people or anything like that so just ask! :)

Lots of love, Jess x


  1. Hi Jess, I visited your blog. Your a good writer. Would you be interested in writing articles for one of my blogs. The Dynamic Express? If so drop me a line. Yours Sincerely Ange Fonce

    1. Hi :) I saw your comment and I would love to write some articles for you! You can email me at pinkjess1997@hotmail.co.uk